Fox Joyce Photography offers newborn and toddler photography sessions, in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home. Ted aims to capture the early development of your child, from the first few weeks and then through to the first birthday and on.


Each session is based around close consultation with parents; we aim to develop each photo session around just what you require. Each session can last from 1 to 3 ours depending on the sleep pattern of each child; we take our time and aim to work around each child's sleep patterns. We photograph in the comfort of your own home so that everone feels more relaxed in a familiar environment with familiar sounds sights and smells. We supply all the necessary equipment to make your child feel comfortable and we have a whole host of props and wonderful backdrops, floorings, rugs, blankets, hats, wraps etc to give your images a personal touch.



Each session costs £125 which includes approximately 30 high quality rendered images which are copyright free and yours to print as often as you like, whatever size you like and use for social media with family and friends. We also offer a comprehensive printing service offering small prints to large canvas prints and we have a framing service and are able to make up various books of photographs which make wonderful gifts.